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You know what, I have to stop trying to please everyone. People are always going to think I’m either too chubby, or too thin. People will always think I do a poor job at everything or that I’m an over achiever. People will always think I’m either a slut or a prude. There aren’t many people who see the good in me. But I have to make myself not give a shit about the ones who see the worst in me. I don’t have enough time for them. All that matters is what I think is right. Fuck everyone else :)







satan is hot as fuck tho did u ever read the bible he was supposed to be super beautiful like DAMN boy

sell my soul more like sell my virginity


that would be AWFUL i’d have nothing to do down there

oh wait


40,209 notes and there isn’t a supernatural gif

let’s keep it that way

wait for it

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